Children’s Film Foundation Bumper Box Volume 4 3-DVD Box Set


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Children’s Film Foundation Bumper Box Volume 4

3-DVD Box Set

9 films; 3 discs. Children’s. 1952 – 1984. Black & White and Colour. Running time approx: 8hrs. 

Stars include: Kathleen Harrison, Michael Crawford, Peter Butterworth, Eric Sykes, Bernard Bresslaw & more.

Whizz back in time with this set of corkers from the Children’s Film Foundation – Britain’s best-loved makers of quality children’s cinema from the 50s to the 80s. 

Extras: Stable Rivals (1952); Swift Water (1952), Kenny Lynch and Harry H. Corbett in Pot Luck; (1976); Chimp Mates – The Big Kick (1976); and Our Magazine No 4 (1952). Plus a documentary by Jason Gurr who visits locations used in the productions; a booklet with Samantha Weysom’s memories of Mr Selkie and a quiz by the BFI’s Trevona Thomson.

The Dog and the Diamonds (1953)
Director: Ralph Thomas. Cast: Kathleen Harrison, Pat Stark, Brian Oulton, George Coulouris, Geoffrey Sumner, Michael Maguire, Robert Sandford, Robert Scroggins, Barbara Brown, Molly Osborne, Jane Nicholls, Andrea Cox, Sandra Scott Carr, Barry Martin, Hal Osmond, Arthur Lane & Dennis Wyndham. A gang of children can’t have pets of their own so they organise a “zoo” with various animals behind an old manor house. Unfortunately the manor house is the hideout of a gang of jewel thieves. The children do their best to defeat the villains and bring them to justice.

The Stolen Airliner (1955)
Director: Don Sharp. Cast: Fella Edmonds, Diana Day, Michael Maguire, Peter Dyneley, Nicola Braithwaite, Iris Russell, Ballard Berkeley & David King-Wood. Revolutionaries hijack a plane which is being guarded by young air cadets. 

Blow Your Own Trumpet (1958)
Director: Cecil Musk. Cast: Peter Butterworth, Gillian Harrison & Michael Crawford. A boy longs to play the cornet in a brass band.

The Missing Note (1961)
Director: Michael Brandt. Cast: Heather Bennett, Hennie Scott, John Moulder-Brown, Toke Townley, Vivian Lacey, Edgar Driver, Tommy Godfrey &
Patricia Leslie.
Three children search for their lost piano through London.

The Big Catch (1968)
Director: Laurence Henson. Cast: David Gallacher, Simon Orr, Ronald Sinclair, Andrew Byatt & Murray Forbes. Children try to catch a wild horse to raise funds to mend a boat. Set in Scotland.

Blinker’s Spy-Spotter (1972)
Director: Jack Stephens. Cast: Bernard Bresslaw, Milton Reid, Sally Anne Marlowe & David Spooner. The son of an eccentric inventor tries to prevent his father’s latest invention from being stolen.

The Flying Sorcerer (1974)
Director: Harry Booth. Cast: Kim Burfield, Debbie Russ, John Bluthal, Tim Barrett, Bob Todd, Erik Chitty & Will Stampe. David is accidentally sent to the Middle Ages in his dad’s time machine, where he encounters a daft wizard and a fire breathing dragon.

Mr Selkie (1978)
Director: Anthony Squire. Cast: Samantha Weysom, Clark Flanagan, Michael Mannion, Peter Bayliss, Noel Howlett & Molly Weir. Two children befriend a magical seal who becomes a man when he leaves the water.

Gabrielle and the Doodleman (1984)
Director:  Francis Essex. Cast: Matthew Kelly, Eric Sykes, Windsor Davies, Anna Dawson, Lynsey de Paul, Gareth Hunt, Josephine Tewson & Prudence Oliver. Gabrielle becomes involved in a life and death battle with characters from her computer game.

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