TERRY & JUNE The Complete Collection 10-disc box set


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The Complete Collection 10-disc box set

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10 discs.  66 Episodes.  ALL 9 SERIES & 3 CHRISTMAS SPECIALS. 

Comedy. Colour. Year: 1979-1987. Running time approx: 31 hours. 

Cast: Terry Scott,  June Whitfield, Terence Alexander, Tim Barrett, John Quayle, Roger Martin, Rosemary Frankau, John Warner, Derek Griffiths and Reginald Marsh.

Terry Scott and June Whitfield were synonymous with the happily-married, middle-aged suburban couple. The bumbling, sometimes pompous, Terry had a perfect foil in June, his understanding but dubious wife. They created a partnership that will be forever remembered in television history. Chiefly written by John Kane, Terry and June was the sequel to Happy Ever After.

Terry Scott and June Whitfield had been acting as man and wife in sitcoms and sketches since Scott On in 1968. In 1974, their portrayal of a married couple in Happy Ever After was so convincing that people believed they were married in real life. That show ran from 1974 to 1978 and in 1979, Terry and June moved on to a new show called Terry and June; in which they were cast as the Medfords, residents of Purley. Terry was just as incompetent as ever and June was as long-suffering and good-natured as before. There were friendly neighbours Beattie, (Rosemary Frankau) and Terry’s friend Malcolm, (Terence Alexander, then Tim Barrett and finally John Quayle).

The show ran for nine series and four specials, all of which are collected here. The series is well worth watching, not only for its gentle humour, which doesn’t tread on any toes but gently builds to humorous situations, led by Terry but ably abetted by June; but also for a nostalgic look at the fashion, interiors and styles of the day, especially the Christmas specials, the house decorated with tinsel and temperamental lights, which Terry operates by stamping on a loose floorboard while discussing with June ways to get rid of their festive visitors! Relax and enjoy the nostalgic humour.

£30 with Free UK Postage

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