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Dear Supporters of Film and TV History,

Dear Supporters of Film and TV History,

Hoping you are all well. Well, it’s been quite a month here! Just as we went to print last month, the New Year’s Honours list from King Charles was announced and would you believe it – Noel has been awarded a BEM, (British Empire Medal), for launching Talking Pictures TV and services to broadcasting. We are all over the moon and so very proud. Mike has to curtsy to Noel when he comes into the studio now, and we all had a cream bun and bottle of ginger beer to celebrate. We wish His Majesty King Charles III a speedy recovery after the recent announcement about his health.

Really looking forward to seeing many of you in St Albans Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March 2024, we are almost sold out now, but I do have some seats left upstairs if you would like to join us. Those of you who are coming, why not pre-order a delicious Picnic Box for the event? We have both vegetarian and meat options available. To order, click HERE. We are delighted to announce that none other than PETE MURRAY OBE will be joining us chatting with Mike Read on stage about his wonderful career.  It’s going to be quite a treat. What a legend.

Talking of legends ‘show me the way to Amarillo’ …  I’m delighted to announce that the wonderful TONY CHRISTIE will be joining us at our event in Monmouth on Saturday 20th July and Sunday 21st July 2024. Tickets are now on sale but do be quick, this beautiful venue is small and, just like the Bijou, seats are limited. For more details, click HERE.

It’s been a busy time in the TPTV studio as we filmed more episodes of the Cellar Club with the gorgeous Caroline Munro. Also, James Stephens says ‘Howdy Folks’ as a new series of Saddle Up! begins on Wednesday 21st February from 3pm. Lots of premieres on the channel over the coming weeks, including: Storm in a Teacup with Vivien Leigh & Rex Harrison on Friday 16th Feb at 12:35pm; The Ebb Tide with Robbie Coltrane, Steven MacKintosh & Chris Barne on Saturday 17th February 10.10pm and Googie Withers stars in They Came to a City on Sunday 18th February 2.35pm; Brides in the Bath stars Martin Kemp on Saturday 24th February 10.10pm. Look out for an exclusive Talking Pictures TV Interview with Tim Healy on Monday 26th February at 8.45am. We are of course delighted to announce that OUT OF TOWN with Jack Hargreaves now airs every Monday at 6.30pm and Sunday’s at 4.30pm, introducing us to a slower pace of life. Stingray begins on Saturday 2nd March 3pm, the acclaimed British children’s sci-fi series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, a marionette adventure series about a futuristic submarine patrol that’s responsible for policing the Earth’s oceans, filmed in 1963 using electronic puppetry and scale models.

BIG ALERT – we are moving transmitters on Sky and Freesat –  it is good news – our signal will be a LOT stronger! Please put a note on your calendars  that if you lose us on 20th February please retune. ONLY VIEWERS who watch us on Sky and Freesat need to do this, if you watch us on Virgin 445 or Freeview 82 – ignore this message.

Sad news as we say goodbye to the wonderful Glynis Johns (1923–2024): “I think we’ve got to remember to grab onto our perks, whatever is the good thing about each age. Each stage of life should be a progression.” Goodbye also, to the lovely Georgina Hale (1943– 2024). “I had periods where I wondered if I’d actually done all these things, or whether it was somebody else.”

Lastly, in other news, Dad and I made the headlines on CBS news in the US. If you have internet access you can see it free online. It’s quite a piece! Unfortunately, when the reporter asked to view one of the reels sent in by viewers on Dad’s Steenbeck she picked a rather… risqué one, shall we say! That was sent in by a viewer with no label!… all filmed live for the Americans on their biggest news channel… Still it all helps spread the word! To view the CBS piece, click HERE

Very best wishes from the REAL Smallest Show On Earth! “Anything could happen in the next half hour!’’

Best wishes, Sarah, Noel and Neill.

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