Carla Lane’s BUTTERFLIES The Complete Collection


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Carla Lane’s   


The Complete Collection, 5 DVD Set

Colour. Running time: 830 mins With Optional Subtitles.
Over 13 hours of classic British comedy. 

Directors: John B. Hobbs, Sydney Lotterby, Mandie Fletcher, Gareth Gwenlan.

Cast: Wendy Craig, Geoffrey Palmer,Nicholas Lyndhurst, Andrew Hall, Bruce Montague, Michael Ripper.

Wendy Craig stars as Ria, a suburban housewife frustrated with mundane family life, craving some escape from drudgery. As hard as she tries she has never
mastered the domestic arts and her well-meant efforts in the kitchen result in spectacular disaster. Husband Ben and layabout sons Russell and Adam live in fear of mealtimes as unidentified creations need coaxing from the pan and the words egg custard induce panic. Desperate for some excitement in her life, could a chance meeting with the charming and wealthy Leonard be the answer she is looking for? Written by Carla Lane, Butterflies ran from 1978 to 1983 and is one of the BBC’s most successful sitcoms. Presented here is every one of the hilarious 28 episodes to enjoy again.

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