The Krays Mad Axeman DVD


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The Krays Mad Axeman DVD

Crime. Colour. Year: 2019. Running time approx. 102 min.

Director: William Kerley.
Stars: Diarmaid Murtagh, Morgan Watkins and Elen Rhys.

This film is based on the true story of Frank Mitchell, whose escape from Dartmoor Prison was masterminded by the notorious Kray Twins, 10 days before Christmas, 1966. Considered Britain’s most dangerous convict, a nationwide manhunt was triggered by this audacious breakout. Frank is secretly held in East London, with a Minder and a Mistress for company, as events begin to spiral out of control. Frank is menacing, physically powerful and short-tempered. Unable to leave due to the ongoing manhunt, he grows increasingly frustrated and John struggles to control him. To placate Mitchell, the Krays send over a hostess named Lisa, and she and Frank sleep together. Frank falls in love with her. Lisa is told she will not be able to leave either, as she has seen Frank and could identify him to the police. To calm matters, Reggie Kray also visits. However, it is clear that Frank is becoming a liability. A gripping suspense crime thriller.

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