TOGETHER 6-DVD Box Set Series 1 & 2


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New 6-DVD Release Box Set TOGETHER Series 1 & 2

Follow the lives of the residents of Rutherford Court

Box set includes 51 Episodes on 6 DVDs. 

Originally broadcast from 1980-1981, Together was a daytime soap opera made by Southern Television. Rutherford Court was a modern block of sheltered accommodation flats run by a housing association – where each home had its own share of dramas, tensions, happiness and heartbreak. The warden in charge was played by Sheila Fay, her husband was the odd-job man about the place, played by John Burgess, and their teenage daughter, who had countless problems with her love life, was played by future Blue Peter presenter Sarah Greene. Other residents included a newly-wed couple who were having marital difficulties, with realistic scenes because the actors, Richard Everett and Gillian Bailey (who played Billie in Here Come the Double Deckers!), were married in real-life. Two sisters shared another apartment, one enduring a messy divorce, a nervous breakdown and a battle with the bottle, providing ample gossip for the other characters, including a recently bereaved pensioner, a retired hospital matron and an ex-London cab driver with a roving eye, played by Victor Maddern.

The second series was broadcast live with a Cleo Laine recording for the theme tune. Made with the intention of targeting a daytime audience, the series soon had dedicated viewers. Ground-breaking at the time, the scripts tackled current issues such as marital problems, divorce, mental illness and relationships, paving the way for future TV dramas and soaps. Sadly, the series ended when Southern Television lost their franchise.
The series has never been released on DVD, until now. It is presented here with the 51 available episodes intact in a 6 disc box set.

Regular Cast: Victor Maddern, Kathleen Byron, Hilda Fenemore, Margaretta Scott, John Burgess, Sarah Greene, Sheila Fay, Jonty Miller, Derek Harding, Richard Everett, Gillian Bailey, Paul Hastings, Sheila Gill, Christopher Burgess,  Delena Kidd, Stephen Churchett, Carol Hawkins, Brian Jameson, Christine Pollon, John Malcolm, Wally Thomas, Gina Maher, Annie Leake, Ernest Hare, Raymond Francis.

Scriptwriters included: Rosemary Anne Sisson (Upstairs Downstairs), Adele Rose (Coronation Street, Robin’s Nest), Barbara Clegg (Waggoners Walk), Phil Redmond (Sally Ann, Grange Hill) and Bill Baron (Angels).

Directors: Matthew Robinson, John Coxall and David Pick.

The original episodes Series 1 Episode 22 and Series 2 Episode 10 are lost and have not been included.

EXCLUSIVE Price just £35.00 

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