In Sickness & in Health The Christmas Specials on DVD


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In Sickness & in Health The Christmas Specials on DVD

WITH OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. Comedy. Colour. Years: 1985-1990. Running time approx. 144 min.

Written by: Johnny Speight.
Stars: Warren Mitchell, Dandy Nichols, Una Stubbs, Carmel McSharry, Arthur English, Patricia Hayes, Eamonn Walker, Ken Campbell & more.

‘Tis the season to be jolly? Not for Alf Garnett. His mates all abandon the pub for their families and he’s left with Marigold and a cheese sandwich. There’s not much that gets Alf’s goat more than Christmas – that is if you ignore immigrants, the unions, the Labour Party, Scousers or the price of beer – and every festive season finds him delivering some of his greatest rants. For a lonely OAP whose pension won’t stretch much further than a pint of mild and some pipe tobacco, it’s time to put on the waterworks, wring what he can out of friends, relations and do-gooders – and spend it down the pub. These Christmas specials, include his last Christmas with Else; his short lived career as a store Santa; Christmas in hospital for a hip replacement and a disastrous wedding day that leaves Mrs. Hollingbery in a less than festive mood.

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