The Renown Comedy Collection Volume 3


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3 DVD Box Set

Running Time: 678 minutes on 3 DVDs with optional subtitles



Disc One 221 min

Come Back Peter (1952) A charming comedy, directed by Charles Saunders and starring Patrick Holt, Charles Lamb, Peter Hammond, Humphrey Lestocq, Kathleen Boutall, Pamela Bygrave, Aud Johansen, Dorothy Primrose, Doris Groves, Joan Hickson. Chaos reigns when relatives come to stay in a country house. 

Boys will be Girls (1937) The story of a man who has to give up drinking, smoking and wild women in order to inherit a legacy. Directed by Gilbert Pratt, it stars Leslie Fuller with Nellie Wallace, Greta Gynt, Georgie Harris, Judy Kelly, D.J. Williams, Toni Edgar-Bruce, Constance Godridge, Syd Crossley and Syd Courtenay.

A Hole Lot of Trouble (1969) A group of workmen try to dig in this delightful comedy, directed by Francis A Searle. Stars: Arthur Lowe, Victor Maddern, Bill Maynard and Tim Barrett. Also features: Ken Parry, Leslie Dwyer, Benny Lee, Brian Weske, Neal Arden, Jack Chissick, Hazel Coppen, Michael Sharvell-Martin, Georgina Simpson, Hani Borelle.

A Night of Magic (1944) Once lost British musical comedy directed by Herbert Wynne. Stars: Robert Griffith, Gerald Pring, Billy ‘Uke’ Scott, Marian Olive and Elsa Tee. A man discovers an ancient Egyptian princess alive inside a sarcophagus.

Disc Two 230 min

A Touch of The Sun (1956) At a swanky London hotel, if you need anything, just ask for ‘Mr. Fix-it’, aka Mr Darling, the hotel porter. British comedy, directed byGordon Parry and starring Frankie Howerd, Ruby Murray, Alfie Bass, Dennis Price, Gordon Harker, Richard Wattis, Miriam Karlin and Esma Cannon.

Under A Cloud (1937) British comedy directed by George King. A man returns from Australia after 20 years to his estranged family. Stars: Edward Rigby, Betty Ann Davies, Hilda Bayley, Bernard Clifton, Moira Reed, Peter Gawthorne.

Just William’s Luck (1948) This once lost British comedy is now fully restored to its former glory. Directed by Val Guest it stars: William Graham, Garry Marsh and Jane Welsh and was based on the popular books by Richmal Crompton, who was so impressed by it that she wrote a novel based on the film. William investigates a haunted house, aided and abetted by his gang, “The Outlaws”. Stars: Hugh Cross, Kathleen Stuart, Leslie Bradley, Hy Hazell, Patricia Cutts, Joan Hickson, Anne Marie, Michael Medwin, John Martell, Ivan Craig.

Disc Three 227 min

It’s a Wonderful World (1956) A musical comedy written and directed by Val Guest. Stars: Terence Morgan, George Cole, Kathleen Harrison, Mylène Demongeot. Includes rare footage of Ted Heath and his Orchestra. Also features: Dennis Lotis, James Hayter, Harold Lang, Maurice Kaufmann, Richard Wattis, Sam Kydd , Shirley Anne Field and Jon Pertwee.

Pick a Star AKA Movie Struck (1937) American musical comedy film in which a young country girl comes to Hollywood and achieves movie stardom. Starring Rosina Lawrence, Jack Haley, Patsy Kelly and Mischa Auer. Includes scenes with Laurel & Hardy and also features Lyda Roberti, Charles Halton, Tom Dugan, Russell Hicks, Cully Richards, Spencer Charters.

Where There’s A Will (1955) Directed by Vernon Sewell, starring George Cole, Kathleen Harrison and Leslie Dwyer. A cockney family inherit a ramshackle farm and decide to make a go of it. Also features: Ann Hanslip, Michael Shepley, Dandy Nichols, helma Ruby, Norman MacOwan, Philip Ray, Hugh Morton, Edward Lexy, Edward Woodward, Sam Kydd.

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