Soundtracks from the films of Alfred Hitchcock MUSIC CD


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Soundtracks from the films
of Alfred Hitchcock

Various Artists – 29 Tracks on one disc

One of cinema’s most innovative pioneers, Alfred Hitchcock was the unrivalled master of suspense. He directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades and he is acknowledged as one of the most influential directors in cinematic history. The compilation features main title themes and signature music from twenty-five of his biggest movies, preceded by Funeral March of a Marionette, the theme to his popular TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (CBS/NBC, 1955-65). This truly unique compilation is a must-have for fans of the golden cinematic era.


02 BLACKMAIL (main title/prologue)

03 THE 39 STEPS (the chase on the moors)

04. SABOTAGE (delayed on the bus)

05 YOUNG AND INNOCENT (Erica at the mill)

06 JAMAICA INN (main title/prologue)

07 REBECCA (prelude)

08 SUSPICION (main title theme)

09 SHADOW OF A DOUBT (main title theme)

10 SPELLBOUND (main title theme)

11 NOTORIOUS (Alex in the wine cellar)

12 THE PARADINE CASE (main title/prologue)

13 ROPE (trois mouvements perpetuels)

14 UNDER CAPRICORN (main title/prologue)

15 STAGE FRIGHT (main title/prologue)

16 STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (main title/prologue)

17 I CONFESS (main title/prologue)

18 DIAL M FOR MURDER (main title/prologue)

19 REAR WINDOW (Juke Box #6 prologue)

20 TO CATCH A THIEF (main title/prologue)

21 THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (main title/prologue)

22 THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (Cantana, the storm clouds)

23 THE WRONG MAN (main title/prologue)

24 VERTIGO (prelude and rooftop)

25 VERTIGO (scene d’amour)

26 NORTH BY NORTHWEST (the wild ride)

27 NORTH BY NORTHWEST (kidnapped)

28 PSYCHO (prelude)

29 PSYCHO (the murder)


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