The Million Pound Note DVD


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The Million Pound Note DVD

OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. COMEDY. Colour. Year: 1954. Running time approx. 85 min.

Director: Ronald Neame.
Stars: Gregory Peck; Ronald Squire; Jane Griffiths; Wilfrid Hyde-White; Hugh Griffith; Joyce Grenfell; A. E. Matthews; Maurice Denham; John Slater; Reginald Beckwith; Bryan Forbes; Laurence Naismith; Joan Hickson and many more.

Two fabulously wealthy brothers, Roderick and Oliver Montpelier, draw a currency note for a million pounds from their bank for a wager. Roderick maintains that it would be useless to any poverty-stricken, but honest man. Oliver, however, believes that merely by possessing the note and never cashing it, a man could live like a lord. For their experiment, the brothers choose Henry Adams, (Gregory Peck), a young American who they find in London, penniless and without friends. This classic, sparkling comedy, an updated version of a short story by Mark Twain, sees Gregory Peck giving one of his finest performances, aided and abetted by a distinguished cast which includes Joyce Grenfell and Wilfrid Hyde-White.