The Best Of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore DVD


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The Best Of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore DVD

A tribute to two comic geniuses and their landmark 1960s TV Show Not Only… But Also.

OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. 1 disc. Comedy. Black & White and Colour.
Running time approx 98 minutes.

Stars: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

“The funniest man who ever drew breath.” Stephen Fry on Peter Cook.

“Like many smallish men Dudley has a superficial charm and warmth that deceives many.”
Peter Cook on Dudley Moore.

Classic sketches from the comic duo. The BBC began broadcasting the series Not Only But Also in 1965 and continued until 1970. It became a landmark TV series thanks to the genius of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and this compilation features some of their best material; including: The Leaping Nuns and the famous Goodbye-ee Song, Superthunderstingraycars, 5-4-3-2-1 …, the Leaping Nuns and The Glidd of Glood.

Not Only… But Also was originally intended as a solo project for Dudley Moore, called Not Only Dudley Moore, But Also His Guests. However, unsure about going it alone, Moore invited his partner from Beyond the Fringe, Peter Cook, to guest in the pilot. So well received by the studio audience was their double act, that Cook became a permanent fixture and the show became Not Only Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, But Also Their Guests, though it was only ever really referred to as Not Only… But Also… Building scripts from improvised recordings, the pair created their own style of comedy.
Among the best known features of the show were the “Dagenham Dialogues” between Pete and Dud, which were rambling, surreal conversations running often for over ten minutes. Part of their skill as comedians was to make everyday events into something that made audiences laugh out loud. Often Pete and Dud couldn’t help laughing as well, this ‘corpsing’ becoming a part of the act. This compilation of their sketches is a rare treat, British comedy at its best.