Ration Books and Rabbit Pies: Films from the Home Front 1940-1944


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From the British Film Institute 

Ration Books and Rabbit Pies:
Films from the Home Front

1 DVD. Black & White. Running time approx: 151 minutes.

Continuing the BFI’s work of unlocking film heritage in Britain, this fascinating DVD collection brings together a selection of public information films, propaganda shorts and adverts from the BFI National Archive. The films offer advice and tips on how to support the war effort from home.

Originally shown in cinemas to British audiences during the Second World War, these films served to boost morale, covering topics which included rationing, staying healthy, how to grow vegetables, cooking tips and salvaging and recycling. These films were crucial to the British war effort and the campaign messaging has been much reproduced in modern advertising to this day.

Full film listing: 

Cookery Tips: Cookery Hints: Oatmeal Porridge (1940) • When the Pie was Opened (1941) • Mrs T and Her Cabbage Patch (1941) • Two Cooks and a Cabbage (1941) • Tea Making Tips (1941) • Food Flashes: Milk, Fish and Potatoes (1942-44)

Save Your Shillings and Smile: Did You Ever See a Dream Talking (1943) • Keep them Safe Keep them Happy (1939) • Bob in the Pound (1943) • Save Your Shillings and Smile (1943) • Get Cracking (1944) • Food Flash: Bread and Dough (1942-44) 

Make Do and Mend: Salvage with a Smile (1940) • Wisdom of the Wild (1940) • Sabotage! (1942) • Mrs Mopp Entertains (1943) • The Wicked Witch (1943) • Dustbin Parade (1942) • Little Annie’s Rag Book (1942) • Little Miss Muddlehead (1943) • Food Flash: Ration Books (1942-44) 

Fighting Fit: Fitness Wins: 4 and 20 Fit Girls (1940) • A-tish-oo! (1941) • ABCD of Health (1942) • Round Figures (1944) • Food Flashes: Eggs, Cocoa and Cod liver oil (1942-44) 

Dig for Victory: The Backyard Front (1940) • Bampton Shows the Way (1941) • Food Flashes: Canteens and Rats (1942-44)


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