William Tell: The Complete Series 5-DVD Set


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William TellThe Complete Series
5-DVD Set


Year: 1958-1959. Black and White. Running time: 975 mins approx.

Cast: Conrad Phillips, Jennifer Jayne, Richard Rogers, Willoughby Goddard, Nigel Green, Jack Lambert, Peter Hammond.

Conrad Phillips stars in this classic 1950s action adventure series. Set in the 14th century during the hostile Austrian occupation of Switzerland, William Tell is a reluctant freedom fighter, battling heroically against the tyranny and oppression of invading forces. Presented here is the entire series of 39 action-packed episodes of this classic action show.

Episodes include:

• The Emperor’s Hat • The Hostages • The Secret Death • The Gauntlet of St. Gerhardt • The Prisoner • Voice in the Night • The Assassins • The Baroness • The Elixir • The Suspect • The Cuckoo • The Bear • The Magic Powder • The Golden Wheel • The Bride • The Boy Slaves • The Young Widow • Landslide • The Trap • The Shrew • The Manhunt • The Killer • The Surgeon • The Ensign • The Unwelcome Stranger • The Avenger • The Bandit • Gessler’s Daughter • The General’s Daughter • The Raid • Castle of Fear • The Black Brothers • The Lost Letter • Secret Weapon • The Master Spy • The Traitor • The Spider • The Mountain People • Undercover.

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NEW SERIES: William Tell

In a time of slavery and heroes, one man keeps the Swiss hopes for freedom alive – William Tell. With his giant sidekick, Bear, he battles the Austrian invaders. Set in the breathtaking mountain scenery of Switzerland, with Conrad Phillips in the title role.


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