Paul Temple and The Toff, The Collection


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Fully restored from the original elements WITH OPTIONAL SUBTITLES on three DVDs.

We bring you the first four Paul Temple films ever made: Calling Paul Temple, Send for Paul Temple, Paul Temple’s Triumph and Bombay Waterfront, plus a selection of fantastic extras! 9 Features plus bonus extras, including an interview with Patricia Dainton. Extras include the films: Hammer the Toff and Salute the Toff, PLUS Bombay Waterfront Trailer, Talkies with Patricia Dainton, Mrs Pym of Scotland Yard, Walter the Sleuth and Inside the Room with Austin Trevor, the first actor to portray Hercule Poirot on screen.

Paul Temple’s Triumph
A Nettlefold Film production directed in 1950 by Maclean Rogers.
Starring John Bentley and Dinah Sheridan, with Jack Livesey, Bruce Seton and Joseph O’Conor, known for ‘Oliver!’.
Temple is on the hunt for a sinister crime organisation, who are trying to steal atomic secrets and have kidnapped a prominent scientist.

Send for Paul Temple
Directed in 1946 by John Argyle, starring Anthony Hulme as Temple, and Joy Shelton. With Tamara Desni, Jack Raine and Beatrice Varley.
Scotland Yard needs help with tracking down a gang of diamond robbers. Temple suspects foul play, and with the help of, reporter Louise Harvey – known as ‘Steve’ – he discovers the truth.

Calling Paul Temple
Directed in 1948 by Maclean Rogers, starring John Bentley with Dinah Sheridan.
Scotland Yard calls upon Temple to investigate a series of murders. A dead woman has been found on a train, the name ‘Rex’ written on the window-blind. Temple must act fast before ‘Rex’ kills again. Featuring extensive location work in Canterbury.

Bombay Waterfront
Directed in 1952 by Maclean Rogers, AKA ‘Paul Temple Returns’.
Starring John Bentley and Patricia Dainton, with Valentine Dyall, Robert Urquhart and Christopher Lee.
Last of the Paul Temple films, in which the amateur detective and novelist Paul Temple, with wife Steve, investigate a series of gruesome murders.

Bombay Waterfront Trailer
Two minute trailer for the final Paul Temple film, Bombay Waterfront.

Hammer the Toff
A 1952 British Crime film, starring John Bentley and Patricia Dainton, directed by Maclean Rogers.
A classy crime movie portrayed with humour and romance; upper class sleuth Richard Rollison – ‘The Toff’ – solves a kidnap case involving a young lady he meets on a train and a secret formula, clearing an innocent man in the process.

Salute the Toff
Based on the 1941 novel, directed by Maclean Rogers in 1952. Sixth in the series featuring upper class sleuth, Richard Rollison, ‘The Toff’.
Starring John Bentley and Carol Marsh, with Valentine Dyall, Arthur Hill and Shelagh Fraser.
Now restored to its full glory, the film is a tale of abduction and murder.


Talkies – Patricia Dainton (21 min)
Patricia Dainton reminisces about her career in films, including Paul Temple, The Dancing Years, The House in Marsh Road, Dancing with Crime and many more.

Mrs Pym of Scotland Yard
A 1939 detective drama featuring a female lead, played by Mary Clare and directed by Fred Elles (Ellis). Nigel Patrick co-stars and Irene Handl makes an appearance.
Clare plays the eccentric Mrs Pym in this well-written, eerily atmospheric film which tells the story of a series of murders of people who all visited the same medium.

Walter the Sleuth
1927 Comedy drama, directed by and starring Walter Forde with Pauline Peters and George Foley.
One of a series of ‘Walter’ comedies made throughout the 1920s. Walter poses as a detective to impress his girlfriend and has to fend off thieves who want to steal her father’s
valuable diamond, hidden on his houseboat.

Inside the Room
Directed in 1935 by Leslie Hiscott of Mr Pastry fame. French sleuth Pierre Santos is played by Austin Trevor, with performances by George Hayes, Dorothy Boyd, Brian
Buchel and Robert Horton. French detective Pierre Santos investigates a murder, apparently perpetrated by a popular singer. Clues are found in the diary notes of a dead woman.
Austin Trevor was also the first actor to portray Hercule Poirot on screen.

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