Men in War


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Set in the Korean war in 1950 and based on a 1949 World War II novel of the Normandy campaign “Day Without End” by Van Van Praag. On September 6, 1950, at the beginning of the Korean War, Lt. Benson and his platoon are stranded on a hillside, unable to contact division headquarters on their radio and unable to advance because their truck is beyond repair . Lieutenant Benson (Robert Ryan) is leading his platoon in enemy held territory after a retreat.

They are joined by Sgt Montana (Aldo Ray) who`s only concern is looking after his catatonic colonel (Robert Keith). Benson and Montana loath each other but must work together to get the men to hill 465 where they hope a division is waiting – but the harrowing march is filled with danger.

Director: Anthony Mann


Robert Ryan – Lt. Benson (2nd Platoon, Co. D)
Aldo Ray – Sgt. Montana (Joseph R. Willomet )
Robert Keith – The Colonel
Phillip Pine – Sgt. Riordan (radioman as Philip Pine)
Nehemiah Persoff – Sfc. Nate Lewis
Vic Morrow – Cpl. James Zwickley
James Edwards – Sgt. Killian
L.Q. Jones – Sgt. Davis
Scott Marlowe – Pvt. Meredith
Adam Kennedy – Pvt. Maslow
Race Gentry – Pvt. Haines
Walter Kelley – Pvt. Ackerman
Anthony Ray – Pvt. Penelli
Robert Normand – Pvt. Christ ensen
Michael Miller – Pvt. Lynch
Victor Sen Yung – Korean Sniper

Year of Production: 1957

Run Time: 99 mins
Picture format: 4:3
Region Code: 0
Dual Mono Audio CSS Encryption
1 Disc B/W

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