‘You Dirty Old Man!’ The Biography of Wilfrid Brambell


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‘You Dirty Old Man!’
The Biography of Wilfrid Brambell

Hardback Book. 192 pages with 11 pages of black and white illustrations.

By David Clayton

Wilfrid Brambell was one of Britain’s most loved character actors. As Albert Ladysmith Steptoe, the unscrupulous rag-and-bone man in Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s long-running Steptoe & Son, he became a household name with co-star Harry H. Corbett. He played roles on stage, in TV and film, including Serious Charge (1959), Flame in the Streets (1961), The Small World of Sammy Lee (1963), A Hard Day’s Night (1964) and many more.

‘You Dirty Old Man!’ reveals how Brambell suffered personal heartache, battling inner turmoil that led to a secretive life off camera where he stayed out of the public eye. Featuring original interviews with film directors Terence Davies, Richard Lester and Tony Palmer and recollections from his own family members, the family of Harry H. Corbett and those who worked with him, author David Clayton re-examines the legacy of a man whose popularity remains undiminished, sixty years on from his heyday.

“He was a very fine actor who made his mark in show business and for me, there was only oneWilfrid Brambell. He was a one-off.”