Appointment with Terror! The 70s 4-DVD Box Set.


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Appointment with Terror! The 70s
4-DVD Box Set.

Four horror classics from the 70s! The Medusa Touch (1978); Countess Dracula (1971); Death Line (1972) and Hands of  the Ripper (1971) PLUS BONUS TV EPISODES!

Running time: 6 hrs. 4 discs. Horror. Colour. 

Stars: Richard Burton, Lee Remick, Ingrid Pitt, Maurice Denham, Lesley-Anne Down, Donald Pleasence, Eric Porter, Jane Merrow, Angharad Rees & more.


Stars: Richard Burton, Lino Ventura, Lee Remick, Harry Andrews,  Alan Badel, Gordon Jackson, Derek Jacobi, Jeremy Brett  and Michael Hordern.
Director: Jack Gold. Running time: 105 mins.
When a novelist is savagely attacked at home, a detective tracks down his doctor, who says that her patient possesses telekinetic power to “will” destruction and death! Both doctor and detective attempt to prevent the patient from inflicting annihilation. Extras: Audio commentary with Jack Gold, Kim Newman & Stephen Jones. Original theatrical trailer. Behind the scenes footage. Image Gallery.


Stars: Ingrid Pitt, Nigel Green, Sandor Eles, Maurice Denham and Lesley-Anne Down. 
Director: Peter Sasdy. Running time: 90 mins.
In medieval Hungary, an embittered, ageing Countess discovers that the blood of virgin girls causes her skin to become youthful.  Abducting a string of young virgins to keep her supplied with blood, she takes the identity of her own 17-year-old daughter, who is held captive in the woods.  Will her daughter escape, or will the Countess succeed in obtaining the blood sacrifices she needs and marry her lover?
Extras: Audio commentary with Ingrid Pitt, Kim Newman & Stephen Jones. 1999 Interview with Ingrid Pitt. 50 Years of Hammer (1999). Theatrical Trailer.
EXTRA CONTENT: Where The Action Is. (1975) Stars: James Berwick, Ingrid Pitt and Ed Byrnes. Director: Don Leaver. Crooked, ruthless and fabulously wealthy, Daddy Burns is a gambler no longer content to play just for money. His opponent is a young American, investigating the death of a friend. Conceptions of Murder: Peter and Maria.  (1970) Stars: Nigel Green and Yootha Joyce. Director: Derek Bennet. Set in 1929. Peter Kurten confesses to his wife that he’s a mass murderer.


Stars: Donald Pleasence, Norman Rossington, David Ladd, Sharon Gurney, Christopher Lee and Hugh Armstrong.
Director: Gary Sherman. Running time: 84 mins.
When a politician goes missing on the Underground, the police investigation uncovers a terrifying secret hidden since the 1800s. Who – or what – is turning the Underground tunnels into a Death Line..? Inspector Calhoun discovers an urban legend that a group of descendants who survived an 1892 cave-in still live below ground! Does a cannibalistic killer dwell in the tunnels below London?


Stars: Eric Porter, Jane Merrow, Derek Godfrey,  Angharad Rees, Dora Bryan & Lynda Baron.
Director: Peter Sasdy. Running time: 81 mins.
A fake psychic is violently murdered, but Dr. Pritchard doesn’t believe that the suspect – a girl called Anna – is capable of such an act. Pritchard takes her into his care, unaware that she is the daughter of Jack the Ripper and is possessed by the spirit of her late father. In a psychotic trance she continues his murderous killing, but has no recollection of the events afterwards. Can the doctor cure her condition or will he regret his decision to take her in? Extras: Audio commentary with Angharad Rees, Kim Newman and Stephen Jones.  Theatrical Trailer. Image Gallery.
EXTRA CONTENT: Once the Killing Starts. (1974) Stars: Patrick O’Neal, Patricia Donague, Michael Kitchen and Angharad Rees. Director: John Scholz-Conway. One murder leads to another for a college professor who has fallen in love with one of his students.

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