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CD compilation celebrating a centenary of
UK broadcasting.

52  TRACKS on one CD

2022 marks the hundredth anniversary of broadcasting in the UK and on the BBC. This CD set contains a musical collection of themes, spin-offs and songs about broadcasting from its first 40 years, when the signature tunes and themes were as important as the shows themselves. The set includes rarities such as the full version of Here’s Looking at You from the first public television broadcasts in 1936. Full themes from drama, comedy shows and children’s programmes from Radio and TV and jingles from TV commercials are included, plus themes that have never been issued on CD such as the alternate Warner Brothers recording of the Maigret theme by Ron Grainer, the unedited single version of An Ordinary Copper from Dixon of Dock Green – as well as spin-off records like Pat Phoenix’s Rover Chorus from Coronation Street. A Golden Age of Television!

Since broadcasting began, these tunes have been the soundtracks to the lives of the British public. We laughed, cried, worked and played while our radios and televisions brought drama, comedy, news, sport and advertising into our homes. We looked forward to Jack Warner’s ‘evening all’ as he presented Dixon of Dock Green; laughed at the madcap humour of The Goon Show or awaited the latest drama from Coronation Street. Dick Barton on the radio kept us guessing in the 40s and 50s; Dora Bryan and Nicholas Parsons had us in stitches in Much Binding in the Marsh as did Wilfred Hyde-White and Deryck Guyler in the legendary The Men From The Ministry. On television, The Rag Trade with Peter Jones and Miriam Karlin found humour in ordinary working lives; while The Avengers with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, portrayed a fantasy world of espionage. Maigret with Rupert Davies took us to the Parisian underworld. Children enjoyed Crackerjack, Blue Peter, Bill and Ben and many more. Even the adverts of the time bring back memories with theme tunes and catchphrases everyone knew. Relive the golden days of broadcasting through the theme tunes of yesteryear.

Track List: 2Lo Calling; On The Air; Here’s Looking At You;  Television; Band Waggon; It’s That Man Again; Much Binding In The Marsh; Dick Barton Special Agent (The Devil’s Gallop); Take It From Here; Ray’s A Laugh; Educating Archie; In All Directions; The Goon Show (Crazy Rhythm/Lucky Strike); Hancock’s Half Hour; The Navy Lark (Trade Wind Hornpipe); Saturday Club (Saturday Jump); The Men From The Ministry (Top Dog); Lunch Box (Lunch Boxer); Watch With Mother; Andy Pandy; Bill and Ben; Sooty Theme; Captain Pugwash (Trumpet Hornpipe); Crackerjack; Ivor The Engine; Blue Peter (Barnacle Bill); Four Feather Falls; Stop-Look-Listen; Ad: White Tide/Mr Whippy/Mynade; Theme From ITV’s “64000 Question”; Citizen James (Sid’s Tune); The Rag Trade; Ad: Alka Seltzer/Eskimo/Bird’s Jelly; Coronation Street Lancashire Blues; The Rover’s Chorus/ Ad: Listerine Toothpaste/Philips 303 Radios;  ABC Ident [0:06];  Our House; The Avengers Theme; Ad: Coca-Cola/Mackintosh’s Weekend/Service High Zone; Associated-Rediffusion Ident; Here And Now;  Ad: Outspan/Choffees/Slimsville; ATV Ident; Two Of A Kind; Dixon Of Dock Green (An Ordinary Copper);  Come Dancing; Maigret; Outbreak Of Murder; Closedown – God Save The King.

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