Crackerjack Paperback Book and Exclusive Pen


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Crackerjack Paperback Book
and Exclusive Pen

Book signed by the author, Alan Stafford.

It’s Friday, it’s  five-to-five, it’s… CRACKERJACK!

Paperback Book.  408 pages with 8 pages of black and white illustrations.

Crackerjack (the TV show with the built-in echo) gave us two icons of Children’s Television… one long and thin, one round and plump. No, not Leslie Crowther and Peter Glaze! The Crackerjack pens and pencils and the Double or Drop cabbage. If you were a child in the late 50s, the 60s, the 70s or early 80s you’ll have your own memory of TV’s longest-running teatime variety show. Eamonn Andrews piling prizes on the clever-clogs and cloth cabbages on the chumps … the perpetually heckled Glaze Lectures …  historical finales with anachronistic pop songs … or Stu Francis splattered with garish gunge.

In this fascinating account of Crackerjack through the years, author Alan Stafford has interviewed all those involved who are still around now and there are lots of quotes and wonderful insights. He has traced the hilarious 29-year history of Crackerjack from the first cabbage to the last crushed grape, recalling the best of the onscreen fun while revealing loads of backstage secrets. All the triumphs and tiffs, the perils and pranks. This Crackerjack celebration is packed with anecdotes from cast and crew – including Michael Aspel, Pip Hinton, Jillian  Comber, Christine Holmes, Rod McLennan, Little and Large, Don Maclean, Jan Hunt, Bernie Clifton, The Krankies, Stu Francis, Sam Nixon, Mark Rhodes & many more.

Offer includes Exclusive Limited Edition Crackerjack Pen.

It wasn’t always on Fridays, it wasn’t always at five to five, but it was – and ever will be – Crackerjack. CRACKERJACK!!!


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