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Too Young to Love (1960)

Based on the American play, Pickup Girl by Elsa Shelley and Filmed at Beaconsfield Studios, this highly moral and controversial film tells the story of a young girls slide into the world of prostitution, disease and abortion and her fight to redeem her life. Originally X rated it caused an outcry for the support of teenage children in Britain at the time.

Starring: Pauline Hahn, Joan Miller, Austin Willis, Jess Conrad OBE.

Frail Women (1932)

Maurice Elvey directed this 1931 Twickenham production produced by the prolifi c Julius Hagen, stars: Mary Newcomb, Owen Nares, Edmund Gwenn. Lillian (Mary Newcomb) has an illegitimate war baby. The father, a soldier unaware of the situation goes off to war. Years later the soldier now a Colonel learns of his child and offers to marry Lillian to give his daughter a name and avoid the social stigma`s of that time.

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