THE VISE 21 selected episodes 3-DVD Box Set


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THE VISE 21 selected episodes
3-DVD Box Set.

OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. 3 discs. Vol. 1.  21 Episodes. Crime Drama.
Black & White.  Years: 1954-1955.

Running time over 8 hours of content.  Includes booklet with viewing notes.

Cast includes: Ron Randell, James Hayter, Laurence Naismith, Robert Ayres, John Longden, Christopher Lee, Nanette Newman, John Stuart, Conrad Phillips, Kenneth Haigh, Dennis Price, Jennifer Jayne, John Loder and more.

Edward J. and Harry Lee Danziger, producers from New York, set up shop in Britain in 1952. Arguably the world’s most prolific independent supplier of television shows and ‘B’ movies, at the time, they created nearly 100 films and over 300 TV episodes for the British and American market. Their longest-running creation was the detective Mark Saber, who sleuthed his way through more than 150 episodes of murder & blackmail! Before Saber there was The Vise which announced at the opening of each episode: “The story we’re going to tell is about people caught in the jaws of a vise – in a dilemma of their own making!”

Over 65 episodes a rotating cast played out a succession of noir-tinged morality tales, with each show bookended by a monologue from moody Australian actor Ron Randell. Featuring screenplays from Brian Clemens, among others, this volume comprises 21 episodes from the first series of The Vise – unseen for over fifty years!

Episodes in this box set:
Dr. Damon’s Experiment: Sandra Dorne, Laurence Naismith.
Death Pays No Dividends: Eunice Gayson, Peter Reynolds.
The Very Silent Traveller:
Donald Masters, Sam Kydd.
The Gamblers:
Martin Benson, Thea Gregory.
The Count of 12:
John Longden, Jill Adams, Genine Graham.
The Final Column:
Kay Callard, Christopher Lee, John Longden, Jeanette Sterke.
The Benevolent Burglar: James Hayter, Peter Dyneley.
Broken Honeymoon:
Robert Ayres, John Bushelle, Adrienne Corri, Nanette Newman.
Death on the Boards:
Joan Schofield, Derek Bond.
Behind the Mask:
Philip Friend, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Betta St. John.
The Cruel Test:
Mark Dignam, Sonya Hana.
The Deception: George Howe, Ronan O’Casey.
Week-End Guest:
Kenneth Haigh, Mary Hinton.
Account Closed:
Dennis Price, Helen Backlin.
Man in Demand:
Dorothy Gordon, Alastair Hunter, Jennifer Jayne.
The Verdict:
Adrianne Allen, Fred Johnson.
Death in White:
Jill Clifford, Ronald Leigh-Hunt.
Never Let Me Down: Phil Brown, Kay Callard.
Side Entrance: John Loder, Thea Gregory.
The Search for Martha Harris:
Jenny Laird, John Horsley.
Cross Channel:
Patrick Holt, Paula Byrne.

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