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The Chalk Garden DVD

No of discs: 1.  Colour. Year: 1964.  Drama. Running Time: approx 110 mins.

Director: Ronald Neame. Cast: Deborah Kerr, Hayley Mills, John Mills, Edith Evans and Elizabeth Sellars.

Special Features: Image Gallery.

The antics of Laurel, (Hayley Mills), an emotionally troubled young girl, are the focus of The Chalk Garden, a stately household drama set on the cliffs of the English south-coast. Edith Evans plays a matriarchal grandmother who, in raising her granddaughter, has neglected her other love, a barren chalk garden. Mayhem ensues as Laurel’s behaviour frightens away a succession of governesses until Miss Madrigal, (Deborah Kerr), is hired. Madrigal sets about tending to the girl’s reckless emotions and the pitifully failed garden, whilst Maitland, (John Mills), the butler, attempts to maintain order in an unpredictable environment. 

“The literary luxuriance of it, the succulence of its wit, the tangle of its arrangement and the overgrowth of its characters have all been trimmed and weeded by some prudent and skilful hands to make the bright, sweet and aromatic picture.”
New York Times

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