The Renown Crime Collection Volume 9


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The Renown Crime Collection Volume 9

3 DVD box set complete with Optional Subtitles

Ten films. Total Running time: 10 hours

Over ten hours of murder, robbery, revenge and retribution in the ten features in this collection, with films from the 40s to the 60s, including the rarely seen Views on Trial  starring Jimmy Hanley; a classic Sherlock Holmes story, Terror By Night, with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce; and Scarlet Thread with Kathleen Byron and Laurence Harvey; plus Anton Diffring NOT as a German soldier… all fully restored with subtitles.

Enter Inspector Duval (1962)
Director: Max Varnel, this crime drama featuring French sleuth Inspector Duval stars Anton Diffring and Diane Hart. 

A Question of Suspense (1961)
Director: Max Varnel. Murder and revenge with Peter Reynolds, Nöelle Middleton & Yvonne Buckingham.

The Marked One (1963)
A tale of forgery and kidnap directed by Francis Searle, starring William Lucas and Zena Walker.

Views on Trial (1954)
Director: Richard Warren, this previously lost courtroom drama features Jimmy Hanley playing several roles.

Clash by Night (1963)
Director: Montgomery Tully. Starring: Terence Longdon, Jennifer Jayne and Harry Fowler. A prison bus is hijacked.

Scarlet Thread (1951)
Kathleen Byron & Laurence Harvey star in the story of a robbery that goes very wrong, directed by Lewis Gilbert. 

You Pay Your Money (1957)
Director: Maclean Rogers. Stars: Jane Hylton, Hugh McDermott and Honor Blackman. The wife of a smuggler is kidnapped.

Terror By Night (1946)
Director: Roy William Neill. Sherlock Holmes story with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. A diamond is stolen on a train.

Rogue’s Yarn (1956)
Directed by Vernon Sewell. Stars: Derek Bond and Elwyn Brook-Jones. A husband plots to kill his rich wife.

Freedom to Die (1961)
Director: Francis Searle. Stars: Bruce Seton, Felicity Young and Kay Callard. A convict searches for stashed loot.

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