The Prisoner: Patrick McGoohan talks to Howard Foy Audio Book


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The Prisoner: Patrick McGoohan talks to Howard Foy
Audio Book


In 1990, Patrick McGoohan met with journalist Howard Foy to record an interview for issue one of The Box magazine. It would turn out to be McGoohan’s last in-depth interview regarding the series. What inspired the series? How did he find his co-stars? What were his ‘essential seven’ episodes? How did Rover come to being? What does he think of the series’ fans? All this, and more, is discussed in this 45 minute interview.

The Prisoner is a 1967 British television series created by Danger Man star Patrick McGoohan, who played the lead role as Number Six, an unnamed British intelligence agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village. Episode plots have elements of science fiction, allegory, psychological drama and spy fiction. The series was filmed between September 1966 and January 1968, with location filming in Portmeirion, Wales. The series has developed a cult following, as did McGoohan himself. Over the years, he became increasingly reclusive. Meanwhile, his series attracted a new audience and become one of the most
fanatically followed TV programmes of all time.

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