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All 23 Thrillers from the Three Series with OPTIONAL SUBTITLES.

Box set of 9 discs. Drama. Colour. Running time approx. 22.5 hours.

Stars: David Suchet; Dennis Waterman; Nigel Havers; Diana Rigg; Timothy West; Adam Faith; Kevin Whately; Tim Healy;  Keeley Hawes; Rob Brydon;  Pauline Quirke; David Hemmings; Nicholas Lyndhurst; Judy Parfitt; Patsy Kensit; Phil Davis and more.

A series of self-contained stories, told from the perspective of the murderer, created by Anthony Horowitz.

Teacher (2001) Cast: David Suchet & Gillian Kearney.
A respected headmaster with a blameless life behind him, has one moment of madness – and his world falls apart.

Flame (2001) Cast: Steve McFadden & Keith Allen.
When fireman hoe Waterman discovers his wife is having an affair, he contacts a man who offers to solve all his problems.

Motive (2001) Cast: Susannah Harker & Reece Dinsdale.
When Michael Davies murders the babysitter, his wife helps to keep up the façade. Is it the perfect crime?

Mercy (2001) Cast: Timothy West, Judy Parfitt and John Gordon-Sinclair.
Dr Collins helped his wife with assisted suicide. To the public, he is a hero; but what is the truth?

Vigilante (2001) Cast: Ian Kelsey & Tim Healy.
After a drinking session, a police officer and his mates pay a visit a local man labelled by the press as a ‘paedophile’.

Neighbours (2001) Cast: Kevin Whately, Caroline Goodall, John Thomson & Denise Van Outen.
‘Neighbours from hell’ make Nigel and Joanne’s life a nightmare, especially Nigel.

Sleeper (2001) Cast: Keeley Hawes, Scot Williams and Ed Stoppard.
Stress is getting to Deborah. She sleeps badly and sleep-walks – but could she really sleep-murder?

Passion (2002) Cast: Pauline Quirke, Lucy Davis & Mark Womack.
A call centre supervisor is convinced her manager is having an affair.

Disposal (2002) Cast: Rob Brydon & Geraldine Somerville.
When the cosy homelife of a waste management executive is threatened, he will go to any extreme to protect it.

Rage (2002) Cast: Annette Crosbie, Neil Dudgeon & Maggie O’Neill.
When Ed sees the victim of his road rage killing on TV, remorse turns  to romance.

Swan Song (2002) Cast: Michael Greco, Samantha Robson, Danny Webb & Jesse Birdsall.
Mark is prepared to do anything for nightclub singer Tara, even murder!

Flashback (2002) Cast: Nigel Havers, Patsy Kensit, Art Malik, Jamie Foreman & David Hemmings.
When a prostitute
blackmails a rising QC, he decides to silence her for good.

Victim (2002) Cast: Neil Stuke, Camilla Power & Frances Grey.
Is Lucy too neurotic and obsessive, or is her housemate renting rooms with a serial killer?

Memories (2002) Cast: Neil Pearson, Rebecca Lacey and Anne Stallybrass.
A surgeon tormented by a recurring nightmare feels he will never escape the past.

Regrets (2002) Cast: Dennis Waterman & Samantha Beckinsale.
After his overdraft is unfairly closed, a businessman plans the ultimate revenge…

Echoes (2003) Cast: Tara FitzGerald, James Wilby & Paul Rhys.
After finding a skeleton, a woman calls in a psychic, who uncovers a grisly tale.

Favours (2003) Cast: Gary Kemp, Gaynor Faye & Phil Davis.
An escaped convict has made a new life running a country pub. Business is not good, but he’s been offered a lucrative job…

Stalkers (2003) Cast: Neil Morrissey, Natasha Little and Barbara Flynn.
A writer is being stalked, but no-one believes her.

Suicide (2003) Cast: Diana Rigg & John Bowe.
A woman is found dead, with an obvious suspect, but the truth goes deeper.

Contract (2003) Cast: Adam Faith & Jamie Theakston.
A man dies before the hitman hired by city dealers gets to him – will they still have to pay?

Landlord (2003) Cast: Nicholas Lyndhurst & Ruth Gemmell.
When a student dies from boiler fumes, the landlord must hide his guilt.

Justice (2003) Cast: Helen Baxendale, Adrian Dunbar & Colin Salmon.
A man is convinced the boyfriend of his ex-wife is behind a beating he receives.

Cornershop (2003) Cast: Bhasker Patel, Nina Wadia & Tim Healy.
Mr Patel makes a stand against thugs demanding protection money for his shop.

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