The Main Chance Complete Series on DVD


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The Main Chance Complete Series on DVD

This complete set contains all 45 episodes on 16 discs.
Running time:  38 hours and 30 minutes
Black and White and Colour.

Directors:  John Frankau, Christopher Hodson, Marc Miller, Derek Bennett, Gareth Davies.

Cast: John Stride, John Wentworth, Anna Palk, Kate O’Mara, Philip Bond, John Arnatt,
Estelle Kohler, Ingrid Hafner, Gary Bond Margaret Ashcroft, Glynn Edwards
and Sharon Maughan.

This thrilling drama stars John Stride as David Main, an ambitious, dynamic, occasionally impetuous young solicitor. Having cut his teeth in London, Main now returns to his native Leeds to establish his own practice. Thirsting for success yet never losing touch with his compassionate side, Main takes on lucrative, high-profile cases as well as those involving society’s most underprivileged; as the series follows him through both triumph and catastrophe, his passion for his work often leads to conflict in his turbulent private life.

Running for four enormously popular series, The Main Chance aired on ITV in four series between 1969 and 1975.

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