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JUST £10 when purchased together with
Reel Love Stories Volume 2

(that’s £30 for both!)  OFFER ENDS MARCH 14th 2022

A Tale of Five Cities (1951)
Directors: Montgomery Tully, Romolo Marcellini, Emil E. Reinert, Wolfgang Staudte, Irma von Cube & Géza von Cziffra. Stars: Bonar Colleano, Barbara Kelly & Anne Vernon. An Englishman travels to Europe in the hope of restoring his memory.

Peg of Old Drury (1935)
Director: Herbert Wilcox. Stars: Anna Neagle, Margaretta Scott & Maire O’Neill. Life and loves of Mistress Peg Woffington, 18th century actress.

A Woman Alone (1936)
Director: Eugene Frenke. Stars: Anna Sten, John Garrick, Henry Wilcoxon & Viola Keats. An officer is entangled in a love affair with a maid.

A Society Sensation (1918)
Directors: Edmund Mortimer, Paul Powell. Stars: Rudolph Valentino & Carmel Myers. A playboy falls in love with a fisherman’s daughter. 

The Hills of Donegal (1947)
Director: John Argyle. Stars: Dinah Sheridan & John Bentley. An Irish operatic society star gives it up to marry a ne’er-do-well. 

Love In High Gear (1932)
Director: Frank R. Strayer. Stars: Harrison Ford, Alberta Vaughn and Tyrell Davis. A young couple plan to elope. 

Those People Next Door (1953)
Director: John Harlow. Stars: Jack Warner & Marjorie Rhodes. A titled family object to their squadron leader son’s engagement. 

The Wedding of Lilli Marlene (1953)
Director: Arthur Crabtree. Stars: Lisa Daniely & Hugh McDermott. Lilli will not marry her true love until she becomes a star.

Marilyn (1953)
Director: Wolf Rilla. Stars: Sandra Dorne, Maxwell Reed and Leslie Dwyer. A garage owner’s wife gets involved with the new mechanic.

A Yank in Ermine (1955)
Director: Gordon Parry. Stars: Peter Thompson, Jon Pertwee, Noelle Middleton, Harold Lloyd Jr, Sid James, Diana Decker. An american airman inherits the lordship of an English village and falls for the daughter of the neighbouring estate owner.

REEL LOVE VOL 1 WITH VOL 2 just £30 with FREE UK Postage.

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