The Golden Madonna & Wings of the Morning on DVD


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The Golden Madonna AND
Wings of the Morning on DVD

Drama.  No of discs: 1.  Colour & Black and White.  Running Time: approx 149 mins.

The Golden Madonna

Year: 1949. Directors: Luigi Carpentieri and Ladislao Vajda.
Cast: Phyllis Calvert, Tullio Carminati, Michael Rennie, David Greene and Aldo Silvani.

A young woman inherits a legendary painting, considered to be extremely lucky by local Italian villagers. After accidentally throwing the painting away, she goes to great lengths to recover it. Considered a lost film until a copy was loaned to the BFI.

Wings of the Morning

Year: 1937. Director: Harold D. Schuster.
Cast: Annabella, Henry Fonda, Leslie Banks, Stewart Rome, Irene Vanbrugh, Harry Tate, Helen Haye and Edward Underdown.

Set in 1889, the story of the impetuous love of an Irish nobleman for fiery Romany Gypsy princess Maria. The first three-strip Technicolor film shot in England or Europe. Legendary
cinematographer Jack Cardiff OBE is credited as the camera operator. Scenes were shot in Ireland and London, and at Epsom Downs racetrack. It was French actress Annabella’s first English language film. Henry Fonda met his second wife, Frances Ford Seymour, mother of Jane and Peter Fonda, on the set at Denham.

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