The Foreman Went To France / Fiddlers Three DVD


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The Foreman Went To France / Fiddlers Three DVD

Double bill of 1940s classics from Ealing Studios. In ‘The Foreman Went to France’ (1941), after his bosses have sold three machines for making fighter cannons to a French company, an English factory foreman (Clifford Evans) travels to France in 1940 in order to engineer the smuggling of the vital machinery out of the country before the invading Germans can get their hands on it. Whilst in France he meets two British soldiers (Tommy Trinder and Gordon Jackson) who agree to help him as it soon becomes a race against time.

In ‘Fiddlers Three’ (1944), a couple of sailors (Trinder and Sonnie Hale) are on shore leave and decide to visit Stonehenge. Whilst there they rescue a damsel in distress (Frances Day) and all three get struck by lightning at midnight. This transports them back in time to ancient Rome and they find themselves slaves who very soon are on their way to the arena and the mouth of a lion.

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