CHAPLIN The story of one of cinema’s greatest pioneers on DVD.


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The story of one of cinema’s greatest pioneers on DVD. 

Running time: 138 mins approx.  Year: 1992

Director: Richard Attenborough

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., John Thaw, Geraldine Chaplin, Paul Rhys, Moira Kelly, Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei, Penelope Ann Miller, Kevin Kline, Maria Pitillo, Milla Jovovich, Kevin Dunn, Deborah Moore, Diane Lane, Nancy Travis, James Woods, Hugh Downer, Nicholas Gatt, Bill Paterson.

Legendary director Richard Attenborough tells the epic story of a true cinematic icon, Charlie Chaplin. In this award-winning masterpiece we follow Chaplin’s increasingly complicated life from a poverty stricken music hall entertainer in England to eventual triumph in America. The story of Chaplin is the story of cinema, as we watch him grow from developing silent era slapstick to becoming one of the most important, pioneering fathers of film making, the art-form of a new century. But although he was able to reflect wondrous, magical humour in his work, his private life was afflicted with infamy, sadness and a growing sense of loss. 

Chaplin’s complex and dramatic career is brought to life by a stunning array of actors, with unforgettable performances from Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Kline, Dan Akroyd, Marisa Tomei and Geraldine Chaplin as her own grandmother. John Barry provides a soul stirring score to complete the film. 

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