The Cracksman


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The Cracksman


This hugely endearing crime caper stars Charlie Drake as a mild-mannered locksmith whose talents land him in hot water when he’s recruited by a criminal gang; Nyree Dawn Porter is the beautiful girl who could spell his downfall, with Oscar winner George Sanders as rival crime boss ‘the Guv’nor’ opposite Dennis Price (Kind Hearts and Coronets‘ villainous aristocratic outcast). The Cracksman is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Ernest Wright’s peerless prowess as a locksmith comes to the attention of a tough big-time crook, who feels that the little man would be a valuable asset to his crime kingdom. In order to inveigle him into a series of jobs, he sets up a beautiful hostess as a trap, into which the hapless Ernest inevitably falls..!

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“Easily this comic’s best and most sophisticated vehicle, a daft and sometimes inspired farce with fine support from George Sanders and Eddie Bryne as rival master crooks and from a young Nyree Dawn Porter who wears a winning smile throughout…” – William Thomas – Empire Online

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