Black Limelight


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Black Limelight

This gripping, atmospheric crime thriller from Austrian-born director Paul Stein stars Oscar nominee Raymond Massey as a man at the centre of a multiple murder investigation a case that sparks a sensationalist press frenzy when it becomes clear that the killer only strikes when there is a full moon. Black Limelight (also known as Footsteps in the Sand) is presented in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

A house stands full in the ugly glare of publicity, with a police cordon round it and morbidly curious crowds at the gates. Inside, Mary Charrington waits in horror and bewilderment for the next act in the tragedy. Her husband Peter is wanted for murder; the murder of a girl at a seaside bungalow. Following a series of killings, the popular press has dubbed them the work of a “Moon Maniac”… and now Peter is somewhere in the countryside, hiding and haunted by terror…

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