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A series of daring robberies has taken place on Rue des Anges, a quiet street in the town of La Bandelette. Standing by an open window in his study, Sir Maurice Lawes (Wilfred Hyde White) sees a gendarme beaten to death and the killer, who also sees Lawes, escape in a car. The next evening, the residents hear a shattering scream from Janice Lawes (Petula Clark) when she finds her father murdered. Chief Inspector Garon (Guido Lorraine) of the French police and private investigator Dermot Kinross (Dan OHerlily) are puzzled as to who would want to kill the kindly Lawes?

Phyllis Kirk – Eve Atwood
Dan O’Herlihy – Dermot Kinross
William Franklyn – Ned Atwood
Jack Watling – Toby Lawes
Guido Lorraine – Prefect Aristide Goron
Margaret Withers – Lady Helena Lawes
Wilfrid Hyde-White – Sir Maurice Lawes
Petula Clark – Janice Lawes
Tita Dane – Marie Latour, maid
Balbina – Pru Latour, her sister
Robert Raikes – Bill, Ned’s accomplice
Andre Charisse – Gaston, bartender
Jacques Cey – Busson, antique dealer
Irene Moore – Diana, Bill’s girl
Concepta Fennell – Woman

Year of Production 1957

Running Time: 88 mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4×3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mono
Encryption: CSS

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