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Assignment Redhead stars Hollywood’s Richard Denning as the secret agent, Carole Mathews as the luscious nightclub vocalist and Ronald Adam as the chameleon-like criminal. It`s a story of murder, counterfeit money and international crime with a pinch of Nazis. A Butchers 1956 production, based on a novel by Al Bocca, Assignment Redhead was released in the US (in a radically chopped-up version) as Million Dollar Manhunt. Quite a good little feature with picture and sound of good quality after some extensive restoration.

Directed By
Maclean Rogers

Produced By
William G Chalmers

Richard Denning – Major Gregory Keen
Carole Mathews – Hedy Bergner
Ronald Adam – Scammel / Dumetrius
Danny Green – Yotti Blum
Brian Worth – Capt. Peter Ridgeway
Jan Holden – Sally Jennings
Hugh Moxey – Sgt. Tom Coutts
Peter Swanwick – Monsieur Paul Bonnet
Elwyn Brook-Jones – Digby Mitchel
Ronald Leigh-Hunt – Col. Julian Fentriss, M.I.5.
Robert O’Neil – Capt. Hank Godowski
Paul Hardtmuth – Dr. Buchmann
Bill Nagy – Marzotti
Alex Gallier – Max Rubenstein
Robert Bruce – Staff Officer

Year of Production 1956

Running Time: 1hr 17mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4×3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mono
Encryption: CSS

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