Special Deal: Paul Temple & The Curzon Case Paperback Book PLUS Paul Temple & The Toff Collection on DVD


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Special Deal:
Paul Temple & The Curzon Case Paperback Book PLUS Paul Temple & The Toff Collection on DVD

£25 for both DVD box set and book WITH FREE UK POSTAGE

Paul Temple and the Curzon Case by Francis Durbridge

The original scripts of the radio serial. 273 pages. Also includes a short story. 

This book reproduces Francis Durbridge’s original script, together with the list of characters and actors from the BBC programme. The script was recently re-discovered in the Francis Durbridge archives. It was broadcast on the BBC Light Programme from December 1948 to January 1949, but has not been broadcast since. Paul Temple is called in to investigate an aeroplane crash in Dulworth Bay. Meanwhile, two boys from a public school go missing. What connects these two events? The only clue is a name, carved on a cricket bat: Curzon.

Francis Durbridge is one of the finest manufacturers of red herrings in the whodunnit business. NEWS OF THE WORLD

Paul Temple & the Toff The Collection


Fully restored from the original elements. Crime. Black & White. 1941-1952.
Cast: John Bentley, Dinah Sheridan, Anthony Hulme, Joy Shelton, Patricia Dainton, Valentine Dyall, Robert Urquhart, Christopher Lee, Carol Marsh.

The first four Paul Temple films: Send for Paul Temple (1946), Calling Paul Temple (1948), Paul Temple’s Triumph (1950), and Bombay Waterfront (1952), plus Hammer the Toff, (1952), Salute the Toff, (1952) and the trailer for Bombay Waterfront. 

Also includes: Mrs Pym of Scotland Yard (1939) Mary Clare & Nigel Patrick; Walter the Sleuth (1927) Walter Forde, Pauline Peters & George Foley; Inside the Room (1935) with Austin Trevor,
the first actor to portray Hercule Poirot on screen. EXTRA FEATURE: Interview with Patricia Dainton who reminisces about her career in films, including Paul Temple. 

£25 for both DVD box set and book with Free UK postage.

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