SHILLINGBURY TALES The Complete Series 2-DVD Box Set


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2-DVD Box Set

Includes the feature-length TV pilot The Shillingbury Blowers.

2 discs. Comedy. Colour. Years: 1980–81. Running time over 6hrs.

Cast: Robin Nedwell, Diane Keen, Lionel Jeffries, Bernard Cribbins, Joe Black, John Le Mesurier, Sam Kydd, Gwen Watford, Jack Douglas, Nigel Lambert, Patrick Newell, Diana King and Trevor Howard.

The village of Shillingbury is a tranquil place, entrenched in the established old-fashioned values of rural England. It is a picture postcard place of honeysuckle and home-made strawberry jam, fine thatched roofs, a timbered pub and contented folk. A place where God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world. Peter (Robin Nedwell), and his wife Sally, (Diane Keen), live in a half-timbered cottage with roses round the door, having moved here to escape the hurly-burly of modern life. They find themselves involved with the local brass band, who enlist musician Robin’s help as conductor. Now the couple are fully immersed in English village life, with all its ups and downs!

Filmed in on location in the village of Aldbury in Hertfordshire, Shillingbury is a classic English village with half-timbered cottages, an ancient pub, a green adorned with a venerable tree and a pond and a traditional tea room. Here life is lived at a mellow pace, interspersed with gently comic occurrences and stories surrounding the local characters. The postman delivers letters on his bike, (reading any postcards in his sack on the way); committees discuss village affairs over tea and cake and people go to church on Sunday, where the sympathetic vicar is the hub of the community. Fairs and hunt meets are held on the green, people meet at the pub and discuss each others business. Witty, funny and poignant, this is a lovely family series which doesn’t offend,
providing a nostalgic view of village life in England not so long ago. Robin Nedwell and Diane Keen are a watchable couple, supported by a cast of well-known faces including Bernard Cribbins and Lionel Jeffries. 

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