Petula Clark: The Early Years Music CD


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Petula Clark: The Early Years
Music CD


60 Tracks on 3 discs

A compilation of 60 tracks by one of Britain’s best loved female singers who achieved international stardom in the 60s, concentrating on her early years when her star was very much on the rise, with classic English and French pop mixed with standards.

Disc 1
1. The Little Shoemaker  2. A Long Way To Go  3. Smile  4. Majorca  5. Suddenly There’s A Valley  6. With Your Love  7. Band Of Gold  8. Memories Are Made Of This  9. Fortune Teller  10. Another Door Opens  11. A Million Stars Above  12. Alone (Why Must I Be Alone)  13. It’s Foolish But It’s Fun  14. Slumming On Park Avenue  15. It’s The Natural Thing To Do  16. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart  17. I Wish I Knew  18. I Love A Violin  19. Too Darn Hot  20. A Doodlin’ Song

Disc 2
1. Day In Day Out  2. Mama’s Talking Soft  3. That’s How It Feels  4. There’s A Small Hotel  
5. Lucky  6. Cinderella Jones  7. All Over Now  8. La Joie D’aimer  9. Sailor  10. Garde La Derniere Danse Pour Moi (Save The Last Dance For Me)  11. My Heart (Amor)  12. Sur Un Tapis Volant  13. Something Missing (L’Absent)  14. Isn’t This A Lovely Day  15. Romeo  16. Welcome Home  17. Les Gens Diront  18. You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me  19. My Friend The Sea  20. With All My Love

Disc 3
1. My Favourite Things  2. I’m Counting On You  3. Some Other World  4. Whistlin’ For The Moon  5. Tender Love  6. Ya Ya Twist  7. Jumble Sale  8. Too Late  9. The Road  10. No Love, No Nothin’  11. Chariot  12. I Love To Sing  13. A London (Allons Donc)  14. Be Anything (But Be Mine)  15. Les Beaux Jours (Ramblin’ Rose)  16. Gotta Have Me Go With You  17. Coeur Blesse  18. For Every Man There’s A Woman  19. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes  20. Mademoiselle De Paris


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