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Running time: 367 mins approx

A comic actor who first came to attention on the popular radio series The Goon Show, Peter Sellers CBE remains one of this century’s most acclaimed comedy stars. Graduating from radio and TV to the big screen, Sellers demonstrated a gift for character transformation. The three films in this exclusive box set are from the late 50s /early 60s period of Sellers’ career, before he became an international star as Inspector Clouseau. I’M ALL RIGHT, JACK (1959) won Sellers a BAFTA for Best Actor as the trades union shop steward Fred Kite. ONLY TWO CAN PLAY (1962) sees Sellers as John Lewis, a bored librarian tempted by the wife of a local councillor – risky stuff in a small Welsh Valley town! Finally HEAVENS ABOVE! (1963), is a British comedy of manners in which Sellers’ socialist priest is sent to an upper-crust parish. The box-set is completed by a definitive collection of his best work: THE VERY BEST OF PETER SELLERS.

I’m All Right Jack (1959) Director: John Boulting. Produced by: Roy Boulting. Cast: Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Richard Attenborough, Dennis Price, Liz Fraser, Margaret Rutherford, Irene Handl, Miles Malleson, Marne Maitland, Sam Kydd, John Le Mesurier, Raymond Huntley, Victor Maddern, Kenneth Griffith, Fred Griffiths. After leaving the army, upper-class Stanley Windrush is offered an unskilled job on the floor of a missile factory owned by his unscrupulous Uncle. When the personnel manager discovers how much more quickly Windrush can complete his tasks than the other workers, union steward Fred Kite calls a strike to keep his men from having their wages cut. The unexpected results cause hilarious trouble for all concerned.

Only Two Can Play (1962) Director: Sidney Gilliat. Screenplay written by Bryan Forbes, based on a Kingsley Amis novel. Cast: Peter Sellers, Mai Zetterling, Virginia Maskell, Kenneth Griffith, Raymond Huntley, David Davies, Maudie Edwards, John Le Mesurier, Meredith Edwards, Frederick Piper, Graham Stark, Eynon Evans, John Arnatt, Sheila Manahan, Richard Attenborough. Dissatisfied with his home life and career, librarian John Lewis spends most of his time daydreaming of illicit affairs with attractive women. One day, gorgeous Elizabeth Gruffydd-Williams, the wife of prominent community figure Vernon Williams, walks into his life. Soon the two are plotting a passionate love affair, but can they make it work? 

Heavens Above! (1963) Directed by John and Roy Boulting. Stars: Peter Sellers, Cecil Parker, Isabel Jeans, Ian Carmichael, Bernard Miles, Brock Peters, Eric Sykes, Irene Handl, Miriam Karlin, Joan Miller, Miles Malleson, Eric Barker, William Hartnell, Roy Kinnear, Joan Hickson, Malcolm Muggeridge, Derek Nimmo. An idealistic British reverend with socialist beliefs is appointed to a parish of elitist landed gentry. His conscience and acts of charity are unpopular with the selfish parishioners, who reveal an un-Christian disdain for the less fortunate welcomed to the parish by the reverend. However, things really go awry, when his actions endanger the village’s primary source of income.

The Very Best of Peter Sellers After radio and TV success with The Goon Show and Beyond the Fringe, comic Peter Sellers found big screen fame, notably as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series. This compilation collects together memorable movie clips from Return of the Pink Panther, What’s New Pussycat?, Heavens Above and Revenge of the Pink Panther. Running time: 56 mins approx.

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