Odd Man Out (Blu-ray Disc)


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Odd Man Out (Blu-ray Disc)

James Mason is Johnny McQueen, the idealistic leader of an illegal organisation in Northern Ireland. Shot during an armed raid he is badly wounded. Stumbling through the back streets of Belfast his friends, enemies and the police begin to close in as he tries to find a place to hide…

Outstandingly directed by the Oscar-winning Carol Reed, Odd Man Out stars James Mason as a terrorist on the run in post-war Belfast. Giving what is undeniably his finest performance, Mason gets exemplary support from both Robert Newton, a crazed artist who desires to paint the death in McQueen’s eyes, and Kathleen Ryan as the woman who loves him more than life itself. This High Definition digital restoration showcases the film’s stark and beautiful imagery, ably complemented by the its exceptional score, which continually drives the story forward to its shocking conclusion.

[X] Home James – a 1972 documentary on James Mason *
[X] 1972 interview with James Mason *
[X] Extensive image gallery
[X] Script PDF
[X] Commemorative booklet

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