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Live Now, Pay Later DVD


 Starring: IAN HENDRY, JUNE RITCHIE, JOHN GREGSON and PETER BOWLES in his first role in a full length feature film.

Running Time: approx 99mins. 

Director: Jay Lewis. Year: 1962.

Live Now Pay Later is a dark comedy-drama, set in Britain as the Sixties began to swing and life on the never-never was all the rage. The black-and-white British film stars Ian Hendry, June Ritchie and John Gregson and also features Peter Bowles.

Full cast: Ian Hendry, June Ritchie, John Gregson, Liz Fraser, Peter Bowles,Geoffrey Keen, Jeanette Sterke, Peter Butterworth, Nyree Dawn Porter, Harold Berens, Andrew Cruickshank, Thelma Ruby, Ronald Howard, Monte Landis, Kevin Brennan, Malcolm Knight, Bridget Armstrong, Judith Furse, Joan Heal, Michael Brennan, Geoffrey Hibbert, William Kendall, Georgina Cookson, Justine Lord, John Wood, Diana King and Robert Raglan.

This film was lost and has been brought to you from the one and only print in existence, so please be forgiving when watching. 

Ian Hendry plays a smooth-talking, conniving door-to-door salesman, whose sales technique involves seducing his female customers in order to persuade them to buy on credit. Unfaithful to his pregnant girlfriend, (June Ritchie), the unrepentant Albert is also cheating his boss, (John Gregson), out of profits. The film paints a vivid picture of early-1960s credit boom Britain, when the masses were enjoying a newfound spending power and learning to live beyond their means, thanks to the miracle of hire purchase.

The Radio Times described the film as “A remarkably cynical and revealing portrait of Britain shifting from postwar austerity into rampant consumerism and the Swinging Sixties.”

Based on the novel, All On the Never-Never by Jack Lindsay, the film was shot on location in Edgware Middlesex; Wealdstone, Middlesex; Elstree, Hertfordshire; Barnet, Greater London and Luton, Bedfordshire.