George & Mildred The Movie on DVD


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George & Mildred The Movie on DVD

1 disc.  OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. Comedy. Colour. Year: 1980. Running time approx 89 mins.

Stars include: Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, Stratford Johns, Norman Eshley, Sheila Fearn, Kenneth Cope, David Barry, Neil McCarthy, Dudley Sutton, Harry Fowler, Bruce Montague, Michael Angelis & more.

This big screen spin-off of the Seventies sitcom features TV comedy’s most popular couple, George and Mildred Roper. Mildred is determined to make husband George celebrate their wedding anniversary in style, at a posh hotel in London. However, upon arrival George falls victim to a case of mistaken identity. The ensuing comedy chaos sees them winning and losing fortunes in the casino and caught in a dramatic car chase, among other adventures.

George and Mildred features a full roster of well-known British comedy stars; the film adapted from the television series, with Yootha Joyce and Brian Murphy reprising their roles with consummate comedy timing and acting skill. Mildred decides that she and George will celebrate their wedding anniversary in style at a swanky London hotel – however unhappy George might be with the cost. “I’m a traffic warden, not Aristotle Onassis”, he tells her. However, on arrival, George is taken for a hit-man by a shady businessman, played by Stratford Johns, who wants a rival eliminated.

Costumes, cars and decor all owe much to the late 70s, with a selection of garish garments for Yootha Joyce and an outrageous collection of wigs for Stratford Johns, who cheerfully sends himself up as a gangster. Sketch scenes include Mildred enjoying a hitman’s family photos; George getting strip searched by a beautiful blonde and wonderful cameos from Dudley Sutton, Michael Angelis and Harry Fowler.

Sadly, Yootha Joyce died just before the film was released. Brian Murphy said: “At her death, people said, ‘You’ve lost a working partner’ and I said, ‘No, I’ve lost a chum’… and then I realised I’ve lost my working partnership as well…”.

The planned final series of George and Mildred was never made, so this film is the last testament to a brilliant comedy partnership and a landmark series in TV history.

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