Fury at Smugglers Bay DVD


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Fury at Smugglers Bay DVD

Adventure. No of discs: 1. Colour. Year: 1961. Total Running Time: approx 83 mins.
Director: John Gilling.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Bernard Lee, Michèle Mercier, John Fraser, William Franklyn, George Coulouris, Liz Fraser, June Thorburn and Miles Malleson.

Pirate wreckers ravage a small seaside community in 18th century Cornwall, while the local squire attempts to discourage his son’s romance with a smuggler’s pretty daughter, whose
father, a petty thief, has been sentenced to a penal colony at the insistence of Black John, a vicious smuggler who is blackmailing the squire. The daughter asks for help from a local highwayman, an honourable thief who watches over those he has robbed to ensure their safe return home. The rich atmosphere and continuous action keep the plot moving, with nightly shoreline battles between the fisher folk and the wreckers, who light fires on the beach to draw ships into the rocks.

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