About Us

Renown are the largest independent distributor of the British ‘B’ films and own one of the worlds largest privately owned collections of film rights.

The British ‘B’ was made as a support to the main feature usually on a modest budget but nonetheless they were a fertile ground for up and coming actors, writers and directors.

Renown offer the full Libraries of – Butchers (who produced over 200 films), New Realm, Grand National and many more. See early Michael Caine, Laurence Harvey, Maxwell Reed, Director Guy Green, Sidney Furie and many that became regular faces on TV.

Enjoy films from the 30s 40s 50s and 60s some great rare treats brought to you at an exceptionally high standard that Renown is very proud of.

Renown works tirelessly with one of the best Film Labs in the world to restore and reproduce these great cinema gems.