You Pay Your Money / Freedom to Die


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You Pay Your Money
Written and directed by Maclean Rodgers this 1956 butchers production tells the story of a financier who smuggles valuable books. Trouble starts when a fanatical group want a couple of the books. Sidekick Bob
(Hugh McDermott) is left to deal with the situation which becomes complicated when his wife (Honor Blackman) is kidnapped by the fanatics.

Starring: Hugh McDermott, Jane Hylton, Honor Blackman

Freedom To Die
Paul Maxwell plays Craig Owen, an incarcerated criminal whose cellmate holds the secret to the valuable contents within a safe deposit box. When the cellmate dies, Owen breaks out of jail in search of the stash. Unable to open the box, the fugitive abducts Linda (Felicity Young), the dead man`s daughter. Tension mounts as the girl plays for time to prevent her own demise.

Starring: Paul Maxwell, Felicity Young, Bruce Seton

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