Turn The Key Softly DVD


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Turn The Key Softly DVD

Three women of very different backgrounds leave Holloway Prison on the same day in this 1950s drama. Monica Marsden (Yvonne Mitchell), is a well bred young woman who served time for a crime that her smooth talking but treacherous boyfriend David (Terence Morgan) had committed. Stella Jarvis (Joan Collins) is a beautiful working class girl whose easy virtue led to her incarceration while Mrs Quilliam (Kathleen Harrison) is a shoplifter who is old enough to know better. Over the course of 24 hours, each faces a struggle with herself to avoid a quick return to her criminal ways. David still exerts a powerful hold over Monica; Stella is drawn back to her old haunts and their promise of maximum financial gain for least endeavour; Mrs Quilliam has no money but somehow has to provide for herself. By the next day, have the women succeeded in resisting the temptations put in their path, or will they find themselves back behind bars?

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