Tread Softly Stranger


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The action takes place in the Yorkshire steel town of Rawborough – Rotherham was used for the extensive location filming – to which native son Johnny Mansell (George Baker) has fled after racking up large gambling debts in London. Johnny moves into a cramped flat with his brother Dave (Terence Morgan), a clerk in a local steel mill, and Dave`s girlfriend Calico (Diana Dors), a hostess in a local nightclub. There is an instant attraction between Calico and Johnny, and it becomes apparent that the relationship between Dave and Calico is rather one-sided. It transpires that in an attempt to keep hold of her, he has embezzled -£300 from his employers which he has used to buy her clothes and various gifts. He now has one week to repay
the money before the firm`s auditors make their visit. Calico comes up with a plan.

BONUS FEATURES: Includes an episode of Burkes law starring Diana Dors Who Killed Alex Debbs? also A Wonderful Interview Extracts Of Diana Dors from the series Tell Me Another filmed in 1978.

Director: Gordon Parry

Starring: Diana Dors, George Baker, Terence Morgan

The definitive whole heap of trouble herself, Diana Dors, melts the screen in this sizzling British noir from 1958.

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