This Is My Street on DVD


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This Is My Street on DVD

Year: 1963. Drama. Black & White. Running time: approx. 91 min.

Director: Sidney Hayers.

Cast: Ian Hendry, June Ritchie, Annette André, John Hurt,Mike Pratt, John Bluthal, Madge Ryan, Avice Landone, Meredith Edwards, Philippa Gail, Hilda Fenemore  and Patrick Cargill.

SPECIAL FEATURES:Original Theatrical Trailer and Image Gallery.

An outstanding cast headed by Ian Hendry, June Ritchie and Annette André features in this mid-sixties realist drama. Jubilee Close is home to a cross-section of working-class families in Battersea. Margery yearns to escape from her lazy, boorish husband but is trapped in a dead-end life. Her widowed mother lives next door with lodger, Harry; an unscrupulous salesman whose roving eye is focussed on Margery… until he meets her sister…

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