THE WESTERNS Music 64 Tracks on 2 CDs


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THE WESTERNS Music 64 Tracks on 2 CDs

Music and Songs from CLASSIC WESTERNS

The greatest Western themes including Jesse James, Gunfight at the OK Corral, The Man from the Alamo, 3:10 to Yuma, and Rawhide! Vocals include Loretta Young and Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster. 

Disc 1 THE BIG COUNTRY Orchestra – Opening title THE SEARCHERS SONS OF THE PIONEERS – The Searchers Chorus – The Yellow Rose Of Texas BULLWHIP FRANKIE LAINE – Bullwhip JESSE JAMES Orchestra – Opening title SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON Chorus – She Wore A Yellow Ribbon / The Girl I Left Behind Me HIGH NOON
TEX RITTER – Do Not Forsake Me
THE HORSE SOLDIERS Chorus – I Left My Love Chorus – When Johnny Comes Marching Home Chorus – Bonnie Blue Flag Orchestra – Dixie SADDLE THE WIND JULIE LONDON – Saddle The Wind GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL FRANKIE LAINE – Gunfight At The OK Corral DESTRY RIDES AGAIN Orchestra – Opening title MARLENE DIETRICH & CHARLES WINNINGER – Little Joe MARLENE DIETRICH – You’ve Got That Look The Boys In The Backroom SHANE Orchestra – Call Of The Faraway Hills RACHEL AND THE STRANGER Orchestra – Opening title ROBERT MITCHUM – O-He-O-Hi-O-Ho ROBERT MITCHUM, LORETTA YOUNG & GARY GRAY – Just Like Me; Summer Song; Tall Dark Stranger Foolish Pride; Rachel THE MAN FROM THE ALAMO Orchestra – Opening title MAN WITHOUT A STAR FRANKIE LAINE – The Man Without A Star KIRK DOUGLAS – And The Moon Grew Brighter And Brighter DODGE CITY Orchestra – Opening title ANN SHERIDAN & Chorus – Marching Through Georgia / Dixie THE TALL MEN Orchestra – Opening title JANE RUSSELL – Tall Man TIMBERJACK SONS OF THE PIONEERS – Timberjack VIRGINIA REES – What Ev’ry Young Girl Should Know HOAGY CARMICHAEL – My Dog MY DARLING CLEMENTINE Chorus – Oh My Darling Clementine

Disc 2 RAWHIDE Orchestra – Opening title RIVER OF NO RETURN TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD – River Of No Return MARILYN MONROE: – One Silver Dollar I’m Gonna File My Claim Down In The Meadow; River Of No Return RIO GRANDE Orchestra – Opening title SONS OF THE PIONEERS – I’II Take You Home Again, Kathleen Cattle Call Down By The Glenside Orchestra – Dixie RIO BRAVO Orchestra – Opening title DEAN MARTIN & RICKY NELSON – My Rifle, My Pony And Me MARTIN NELSON & WALTER BRENNAN – Get Along Home, Cindy BEND OF THE RIVER Orchestra – Opening title FORT APACHE Orchestra – Opening title THE KENTUCKIAN Orchestra – Opening title DIANA LYNN, JOHN McINTIRE, UNA MERKEL & BURT LANCASTER – Possum Up A Gum Tree BURT LANCASTER, LYNN, McINTIRE & MERKEL – I See My Darling RED RIVER Chorus – Settle Down WICHITA TEX RITTER – Wichita VERA CRUZ Orchestra – Opening title 3.10 TO YUMA FRANKIE LAINE – 3.10 To Yuma THE MAN FROM LARAMIE Chorus – The Man From Laramie RANCHO NOTORIOUS MARLENE DIETRICH – Get Away, Young Man STATION WEST BURL IVES – The Sun Shining Warm WAGON MASTER SONS OF THE PIONEERS – Wagons West; Song Of The Wagon Master SONS OF THE PIONEERS – Chuckawalla Swing THE TEXAS RANGERS Chorus – Texas Rangers’ Song STAGECOACH Orchestra – Medley Chorus – Oh My Darling Clementine


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