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5 Disc DVD Box Set


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Five classic British war films which dramatise all aspects of conflict and its effect on human relationships. Featuring great performances from John Mills, James Mason and Richard Todd among others, in films from directors including Guy Hamilton, Charles Frend and Sam Peckinpah.

In The Cruel Sea (1953) Lt. Commander Ericson (Jack Hawkins) has his leadership tested when confrontation in the North Atlantic threatens the lives of his crew.
The Dam Busters (1955) follows Dr Barnes Wallis (Michael Redgrave), whose invention of the Bouncing Bomb is greeted with scepticism in the Second World War. However, RAF Wing
Commander Guy Gibson (Richard Todd) proves the bomb’s worth in a mission to destroy the German Ruhr Dams.
The Colditz Story (1955) follows the experiences of Allied prisoners-of-war who were held in Colditz Castle. Despite being outnumbered by their guards, they continued to strive to achieve freedom.
In Ice Cold in Alex (1958) two English army officers (John Mills and Harry Andrews) and two young nurses (Sylvia Syms and Diane Clare) drive an ambulance through occupied North Africa to Alexandria. They pick up a South African officer (Anthony Quayle), and avoid capture and death while crossing German lines.
Cross of Iron (1977) follows a German platoon facing annihilation at the hands of the Russians in 1943. Non-Nazi German soldier Steiner (James Coburn) resents the arrogant Prussian Stransky (Maximillian Schell), who hides in his bunker, but claims he led a counter-attack.

Based on the novel by Nicholas Monserrat, THE CRUEL SEA (1953) Running Time: 121 mins approx.
Optional subtitles.
Directed by Charles Frend. The story of the sailors assigned to protect the convoy HMS Compass Rose whose mission is to destroy U-Boats. Cast: Jack Hawkins, Donald Sinden, John Stratton, Denholm Elliott, Stanley Baker, Virginia McKenna, Sam Kydd.

THE DAM BUSTERS (1955) Running Time: 120 mins approx.
Optional subtitles. 
Directed by Michael Anderson. The incredible story of the ingenious British plan to strike at the heart of German industry in 1943 by destroying their dams. Cast: Richard Todd, Ursula Jeans, Michael Redgrave, Basil Sydney, Derek Farr. 

THE COLDITZ STORY (1955) Running Time: 94 mins approx.
Optional subtitles.
Directed by Guy Hamilton. Colditz was thought by the Nazis to be impossible to escape from, so in WWII all the most frequent Allied POWs escapees were housed together there. Cast: John Mills, Eric Portman, Frederick Valk, Ian Carmichael, Lionel Jeffries. 

ICE COLD IN ALEX (1958) Running Time: 125 mins approx.
Optional subtitles.
Directed by J. Lee Thompson. An army ambulance Captain, two
nurses, a mechanic and a South African officer trek across the North African deserts to Alexandria.
Cast: John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Anthony Quayle, Harry Andrews, Diane Clare.

Sam Peckinpah’s classic war film CROSS OF IRON (1977). Running Time: 127 mins approx.
Optional subtitles.
The story of a doomed German platoon trying to withdraw from Russia in 1943. Cast: James Coburn, Maximilian Schell, James Mason, David Warner, Klaus Löwitsch, Vadim Glowna.

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