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3 discs. 5 episodes. Drama. Colour. Year: 1968. Running time approx: 4 hours and 50 mins. 

Stars: Peter Cushing and Nigel Stock.

Five episodes from the 1968 TV series.

The Hound of the Baskervilles (Parts 1&2)
Based on the most well-known Sherlock Holmes story of them all, in which Holmes travels to Dartmoor to unravel the murder mystery that has haunted the Baskerville family for generations.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock, Gary Raymond, Gabriella Licudi, Philip Bond, Gerald Flood, Ballard Berkeley, David Leland, Penelope Lee, George Howe, Christopher Burgess, June Watson, Tony Rohr, Edward Higgins, David Trevena, Bob Harris, Alan Meadows and Susan Lefton.

A Study in Scarlet
The first Sherlock Holmes story. Holmes must track down a relentless killer when the dead bodies of a string of victims are discovered, all with the word ‘Rache’ (German for ‘revenge’) written in blood next to where they are lying.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock, Joe Melia, George A. Cooper, William Lucas, Edina Ronay, Larry Cross, Craig Hunter, Dorothy Edwards, Larry Dann, Edward Bishop, Michael Segal, Henry Kay, Grace Arnold, Tony McLaren, Michael Goldie, Joe Gladwin and Freddie Earle.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery
A young man is found next to the dying, brutally beaten body of his tyrannous bully of a father. Holmes must prove the young man is not guilty.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock, John Tate, Heather Kyd, Nick Tate, Peter Madden, Sally Sanders, Jack Woolgar, Michael Godfrey, Victor Brooks, Caroline Ellis, Gertan Klauber and Vernon Joyner.

The Sign of Four
The case of Mary Morstan, whose father disappeared ten years previously. Every year since, Mary has received a pearl from a mystery benefactor, and she now requires the Baker Street detective to act as her escort in a meeting with the unknown patron.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock, Ann Bell, Paul Daneman, John Stratton, Ailsa Grahame, Howard Goorney, Grace Arnold, Ahmed Kahlil, Sydney Conabere, Tony McLaren, Annabella Johnston, David S. Boliver, Ann Way, Zena Keller, Sara Clee and John Dunbar.

The Blue Carbuncle
A priceless jewel with a sinister history has been stolen from its owner, the Countess of Morcar. When it is found in a goose’s crop, the events surrounding how it got there and who the true thief is are puzzles only a genius such as Sherlock Holmes can unravel.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock, Madge Ryan, James Beck, Richard Butler, Michael Robbins, Ernest Hare, Frank Middlemass, Neil Fitzpatrick, Clyde Pollitt, Grace Arnold and Diana Chappell.

“Among the most beautiful and enduring achievements of TV drama.” The Guardian

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